Are you busy or are you effective?

A typical client will often tell me how they are busy. They certainly do not have enough time for family matters. And they definitely have no extra time for any assignments I give them.

Even worse, they will complain that they do not have time for the important things of their business. Now, if that sounds strange, if not actually a huge misfit, then you are correct. But there again, why does it also happen to so many of you as well?

I have written extensively how we often become tied up with matters which are not relevant, but they seem important and are definitely time-consuming.

To illustrate my point, look at this recent story. A potential client has been asking me to start mentoring her. We have already made three attempts at setting up a meeting. She is not located nearby. This is not specifically my area of activity. Once I pushed aside the fog in my mind, I understood that the best I could do for her (and for me) was to suggest that she link up with a rival of mine.

Suddenly, all sides were happy. I had some extra time, to be dedicated towards commercial activity of a more profitable nature.

Another pitfall; Loads of people confuse domestic chores with their business life. One previous client often insisted that he could not meet up with me, because he had to go shopping on a specific day. Well, that one soon bit the dust, as I established just how much money he needed to be earning.

Busy is not the same as being effective. Never forget that nor confuse the two.

And what keeps you effective? This link from ten leading business personalities gives some simple, obvious, successful, but frequently ignored pointers. For example, how many of us claim that they can survive on little sleep? Probably true, but that does not enable you to put in a good performance the following day.

And here is my own tip. It is a simple yoga exercise, which was introduced to me a couple of months back. It takes one minute every day. Don’t ask me why, but my concentration levels have improved mega percentage points since using it.

As for yourselves, think about that one of your actions that you know keeps you on the ball. Then expand on that, bringing it in to play even more. Don’t be afraid of encouraging yourself to do well.

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