A “knight” in Israel

I was born and bred in London. I love my English tea. And I thoroughly enjoy living in Israel.

So when I heard that Israel’s President, Shimmy Peres, is off to have to tea with her majesty, Lizzie to you and I, – well, I had to smile. It turns out that he is to be awarded an honoury knighthood by ma’am next month.

Peres remains a controversial figure in Israel, but he represents the country well overseas. The ceremony is a thumbs up to Israel, celebrating its 60th year of independence.

Ironically, despite contrary upbringings, the monarch and the President share a lot in common. They are way past the 80 years old mark yet both still lead full public roles. They are possibly the two most travelled and well known leaders on the world stage. Behind the scenes, they have secured significant and continuous orders for each country’s respective defence contractors. They have an ability and the influence to get things done without fuss or noise.

Peres has a full itinerary; meeting politicians, speaking at Westminster, a trip to Oxford university. If he has a moment on his return, maybe he can come over to my humble abode and we can chat about the trip over some cucumber sandwiches……and the it will finally be the time for her majesty to visit Israel and show her shoulders here.

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