Be honest – do you really give the best service you can to your customer?

We all know the expression: “Yes, I give the best service possible”. Now recall that frustrated client or the potential sales that slivered away or that person who criticised you (seemingly unfairly). Was it all their fault? What could and should you have done instead?

I was drawn to these comments by a blog I read this week from Shmuel Hoffman, a wonderful video and film maker in New York. Writing about a failed package for a Jewish youth group, he recalled how the client’s criticism had hurt him. After some honest self-reflection, Shmuel realised that all roads for the blame led back to him and that he had to change his ways, quickly. A few months down the road, the same client gave him another order.

Whenever I learn about stories like Shmuel’s, I recall the eulogy of a close family friend, George, from South Africa. At the funeral, his son spoke about how he had succeeded in business by always giving his best. George had made it his mission to always provide a client with the best opportunity that he could.

I listened to these words, as I was starting up my mentoring business. Simple and obvious enough I thought to myself. And how wrong I was. You see it is not just that you have to do your best, you have to present the package in a manner that the other side feels and understands is the best. In other words, they will realise that they need to work with you.

This week, I made two pitches. Both were top rate. In one situation, as the phone call ended I realised I had not made the “target” appreciate the benefits of what he was receiving. I am still waiting to hear back. In contrast, I started the second call by empowering the person with new knowledge. In turn, this engendered deeper trust in me. The rest of the conversation was far more positive.

Creating a good honest service takes time and understanding and a wider appreciation of different customers. It is a necessary skill that all of us need to possess. The truth is that few of us strive for it on a daily basis. The result is lost sales. Ouch!

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One Comment on “Be honest – do you really give the best service you can to your customer?”

  1. Yes, very true. Thanks so much for sharing, Michael.

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