To hightech or not to hightech? That is the question

Entrepreneurs — whether they’re an unemployed person striking out on their own or a seasoned veteran trying to get the mojo back again — must do things differently in order to survive. Everyone must change, especially small-business owners.

Thus starts out a practical and interesting blog on “7 ways to help ensure your business to succeed”. Fine, but what do you do at the beginning of your journey? How do you know if you are pursuing the right track?

Here are two recent case studies from Israel, using “hightech in very different manners.

In the right hand corner, we have Mul-T-lock, who for years have been converting blocks of steel into security systems for homes and cars. Slam, dunk sort of stuff, but not so scintillating.

However, after two years of development with Starcom Systems, Mul-T-lock have developed a product that will send the owner an sms or e-mail, if a burglary is about to take place. From anywhere to anywhere. I claim that this may be even more useful than a Pinterest account?

In the left corner is 35 year old Ro’ee Yulos, who left a solid career in hightech and moved over to the love of his life; pots for garden plants. Yup, it does not get more basic than that. His pot designs are covered by a patent, which was pinched, but they are now on the short list for the 2012 reddot design award.

Together, these two companies show what can be achieved with some lateral thinking  (and a touch of old-fashioned human enterprise). 


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