A Kenyan, Italian and Hungarian in Jerusalem

My youngest son took part in the 2012 Jerusalem marathon. OK, so he only completed the 10km route, as opposed to the full 42.2 km, but he did it.

This year’s race was billed as “Breathtaking”. Official blurb refers to “the race of nations”.

All I can tell you is that I braved the rain and strong winds to go and cheer on my son at the finish line. It was fascinating to see the people who had come from all over the world to take part. Italy seemed to have a several representatives. I heard Hungary’s name being called out. And of course, Israel has a large number of people these days, who were born in Ethiopia, and they were amongst the leading packs.

The winner hails from Kenya. The time of 2 hours and 19 minutes may not have been close to a world record. There again, Jerusalem is known to be built on 7 hills, and the runners came face to face with several of them as they jogged around the Old City, ending up near the Kenesset, Israel’s Parliament. 

Jews have a phrase – “Next Year in Jerusalem”. I am sure that the 2013 Jerusalem Marathon will be even better.

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