Bad at time management – blame your kindergarden teacher?

Time management is one of those subjects were few of us like to admit that we ain’t that good at it. You have survived school. Advanced education has come and gone. Work experience has been accumulated.

So why shouldn’t you know how to plan your day efficiently?

And yet, when all is said and done, so many of us just do not get done what we want to do, need to do, should do. Why? It is a subject that I come across time again as owners of small businesses try to organise themselves and don’t really hit the target.

Earlier today, I read a very interesting article by Zvika More, who specialises in helping children with ADD / ADHD issues. He describes the classic situation of a parent rummaging through the schoolbag of a child, discovering yet another yucky old sandwich from weeks gone by. And the parent yells at the spouse that they must do something and that this is the last time, and that there will be no more pocket money. etc etc etc.

Zvika raises the interesting point. If this was a child at kindergarden, there would be no raised blood pressure. However, for some reason, when the youngster reaches the age of six, it is assumed that maturity has set in. The child has been taught everything that they need to know by the ruler of the kindergarden playground.

Wrong. And wrong again, when we hope that the child will immediately know better in the next year or four. In fact, when does maturity set in?

Time management is a skill that has to be learnt. Some are naturally good at it or pick it up quickly, like playing a musical instrument. Some can be taught, just like a sport. And for some it is down right problematic, and continues to be difficult even if society assumes otherwise.

What can be done? Like everything else, first admit you have an issue and then find somebody to guide you, just like in your early days of education. Alternatively, you can continue to procrastinate and to put off not completing what is important. Then I suggest that you assess what you are missing out on.

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