So we don’t like Israel because…….

The British Parliament never ceases to amaze me.

As the country sinks into a recession with gaping unemployment figures, its legislature continues to spend an inordinate amount of time on debates concerning Israel – usually in a derogatory manner. In the past few days alone, there has been condemnation of treatment of the Bedouins as well as the handling of violent Palestinian demonstrations.

For copycat tactics, hop over to the UN in New York. The American Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice recently described the treatment Israel receives in the assembly as “obsessive, ugly, bad for the United Nations and bad for peace.”

OK, so Israel and Israeli “stuff” are not politically correct these days. But why?

I have just received the Democracy Intelligence Index for 2011 from the “Economist Intelligent Unit”. (You need to register to log on).  This measures electoral process, civil liberties, participation, and more. Of  167 countries, Israel came in at 36. That is up one place from last year, but clearly implies there is room for improvement.

So, then I looked for other countries in the Middle East region. I know that I need to get my eyes tested, but the closest entry I found was Turkey… number 88  on the listing. Yes, Turkey, that same country whose President recently refused to take part in an international event because Israel’s Defence Minister was also present.

For the record, Palestine came in at lucky 99.

Just an irrelevant academic exercise? I think not. I have quoted Tom Gross before in my blog, an independent journalist with deep Middle East experience. His most recent posting refers to the 73 beheadings in Saudi Arabia this year. And previously this month he has cited the persecution of Christians in the region. (See

In fact the list of persecutions is extensive, but it is often Israel that is singled out.

Why? I am no shrink. If you follow “Israel 21C”, which has spent a decade reporting on Israel beyond the conflict, you will find a very different country than is often seen on the international media. (See Only this week, you can learn: –

  • Why Apple’s first r&d centre outside Americ is to be opened in Israel.
  • About Israel’s latest aid efforts in Kenya and southern Sudan
  • How the Bedouin are being empowered
  • etc, etc, etc.

36 is not the greatest of positions. There again, a mere 5 places higher is Italy. I don’t see the BBC or the New York Times leading a crusade against Roman culture. Let us hope and pray that 2012 brings a more realistic and honest approach to how the world, and Israel in particular, is reported.

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  1. I like your writing style truly loving this website. “Let me leap out of the frying-pan into the fire or, out of God’s blessing into the warm sun.” by Miguel de Cervantes.

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