When a business coach takes on “the analyser”

All mentors have listened to the scenario several times.

The client delivers a detailed and accurate analysis of their own commercial situation. The issues are exhaustively listed at great length. And, usually with a sense of triumph, they eventually finish their final sentence with a smile.

A smile? As if to say: “you see, I do know what I am talking about”.

What can the coach do? The facts cannot be disputed. The client is a very capable person. The delivery has been well thought out. All is fine…until the mentor remembers that the company is leaking money. Or that sales targets are not being met. Or the staff are revolting. Or…, well whatever it is, the client has got it very wrong.

I was once on the receiving end of all of this. Asked to comment on an aspect of my life, I ended up writing a very long report. I verified the contents with family members. I excitedly delivered my results. Then, to my surprise, I found myself mumbling: “so what?”

And that’s the point. “So what?”

Analyses are great if they deliver a solution. If not, they are effectively covering up the problem. They can be more dangerous than useless in the long run.

Only last week, I ended up on two separate occasions listening to very erudite people. And each time, within a few seconds, I guessed that the “sw” phrase would be my reaction. Bingo!

Actually, I felt a touch guilty. Because I am effectively popping their balloon of hope. True, because that balloon is filled with hot air, and very little else.

The clients have since returned to earth with a very nasty bump, but they are now better prepared to restart their commercial journey. As for the analyses, like all good things of taste, they need to be used in moderation, only.

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