Business mentors, exodus from Egypt & managers

It is mid April and Jews around the world are getting ready to celebrate the festival of Passover. The main event is where the exodus from Egypt is recalled by the family, and even the youngest participants are giving a part in the proceedings.

The story is told through a book called the Hagaddah – a Hebrew word, which means to explain. And from the earliest years, Jews are encouraged to learn more about what happened and why by asking questions, just as a business mentor probes their clients.

You see by asking questions, both sides become engaged with each other. Accepted norms are challenged and evaluated. You discover things about yourself or your business that you did not realise were there, often in front of your very nose all the time.

Going back to the Hagaddah, and early on in the proceedings, the book describes four types of sons. Two are considered positive influences; the clever one and the one who tries to learn but does not have the ability.

Two others are placed on the other side of the spectrum; the evil one who simply makes arrogant statements and the one who sits passively without comment. And the same characters can often be found in companies, acting negatively on their departments’ activities. How so?

Somebody, who just issues statements without checking facts nor allowing for discourse, will sooner or later not progress nor meet targets. Steganation if not worse. Similarly, the person, who just lets things drift, thus assuming that others can pick up the slack or that nothing bad will happen, are simply irresponsible. Life is not static. Situations change, especially when you think that all is tranquil.

So where does this leave us?

The Exodus took place over 4,000 years ago. Few commercial activities survive from that time. But sages have shown how we can learn from history and in what manner in order to make our present lives more fruitful. These are the decisions we then make in order to shape the history of the future.

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