Networking – avoid the crowd & get to the top people.

I have just attended a London meet up of hundreds of people, considering business opportunities in Israel. And one of the questions that popped up repeatedly in different forms was how is it possible to seek out decision makers in a foreign country, where English is only the second language.

One answer I threw back was to use a recognised local business mentor. But is that enough, especially if you are in a new environment?

This weekend, I read an article about networking your way to the top, avoiding the traps along the way.

  • Get to be known by being useful
  • Take charge of new situations, without dominating
  • Expand contacts book
  • Research who you are going to meet
  • Sit / stand opposite those you wish to influence

Simple enough if you are in a meeting scenario. But what happens when you are faced with an event of some kind?

  • Prepare some opening lines in advance
  • Avoid taking about yourself too much
  • Step outside your comfort zone and drag others into the conversation.
  • Try to show honest interest, even empathy, in what is being said to you.

If you let a strange language remain as your handicap, you will never move onwards.

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2 Comments on “Networking – avoid the crowd & get to the top people.”

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