Cold calling and stolen ideas

There are millions of tips on the website about how to overcome the fear or inability to “cold call“.

Most relate to assumed inabilities on the part of the caller, who may not be focused or may not have the correct experience or does not trust their own ability.

I often come across a separate issue, which is rarely covered in the literature; when the caller is afraid that somebody will steal their idea. This week, I had a conversation with a client, which went something like this.

  • Client: I don’t mind calling people, but what happens if they steal my idea.
  • MH: What can they do with your idea?
  • Client: Don’t know
  • MH: Do you hold have unique info that will be difficult for others to source or to copy?
  • Client: Probably
  • MH: Has anybody thought of or been able to do this before, and successfully?
  • Client: Not that I know of.
  • MH: What happens if they do steal your idea, and set up?
  • Client: Well, they will help to pave the way for me.
  • MH: And otherwise?
  • Client: It will just encourage me to succeed quicker and to deliver a good service before others start to copy.
  • MH: So why haven’t you called up to now?
  • Client: silence

Yes, the conversation really was almost as brief as that. On reflection, the client was expounding a fear, although not the usual concern covered in many articles. And inevitably that distress had become an excuse to procrastinate. Thus the secret had been saved, but the business idea ultimately stayed in the box.

What my client forgot is one of the golden rules. He put all the emphasis on himself. Actually, he is trying to create a win-win scenario, where he is helping somebody. They have just as much to lose as himself, if they do not find a way to partner him.

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