Those obvious mistakes in business

A few days ago, I came across an article titled: 7 Common Sales Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them.

While the article concentrates mainly on technical or procedural aspects facing a company, I decided to run a check on google. Amazing – similar titles brought up a whole library of articles. It would seem that the world over, experienced or clever or respected leaders of commerce are making basic and simple mistakes.

Well, this just happens to others, doesn’t it? No! Brain storming for 15 seconds, I wrote down 4 examples of “unbelievables” that I had come across just recently.

The wrong business card: Last night, I was shown a business card from an international company that specialises in creative products. They employ specialists to highlight special and wonderful features of their latest inventions. But their card….

The font and graphics were so jumbled that I could not read the name of the firm, with or without glasses. And the paper had been laminated, Thus you could not scribble initial notes on it. I wonder how many opportunities they will miss for not getting the basics correct.

How not to approach strategic partners:  It has happened to me twice in recent weeks, once re exports contacts overseas and a second time re potential investors, who I had been asked to approach on behalf of young Israeli companies. “You speak English good. You tell them about us.”  

And then came the reality check, as I explained that life ain’t that simple and explained: “Even if they like the concept, the potential target will want to see a basic website. You do not have one. They will want to see a sample or pilot project. Again, no evidence. So, what do you want me to say?”

After the silence, the response was” “You mean; we have to invest time and in preparing a serious package for a partner?” Er, yes!

Not following up: I have met two companies who have not followed up delivered quotes or sample requests. They have simply let the opportunities float on by. And then they wonder why revenues are in the dumps.

Unnecessary credit crunches: Even financial controllers are not blameless. How many of them fail to deal with bad debts or customers that fail to pay on time? The money wizards are prepared to increase the strain on company finances rather than be bothered to take affirmative action. Well, at least  they have protected their comfort zone.

Are these stories funny or worrying? Either way, it just goes to show that no decision maker is immune to such silly actions and needs to find checks to prevent them happening.

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