Management, sports industry, & Middle East peace talks

All over the world, small – even medium sized – enterprises struggle to manage and forward themselves on minimal budgets and resources. Most are aware of the restrictions, while determined to seek the best future possible.

When it comes to sports management, somehow the laws of economics seem to adopt a new “elasticity”. And never was this more true than in Israel, September 2010. In today’s newspaper with a sports’ supplement of 11 pages, half were devoted to management fiascos, costing clubs – and the taxman – millions. For example: –

  • The owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv football club are fighting amongst themselves, whilst blaming the coach, who in turn has publicly lambasted his players. Yet tonight the team has an important challenge match against European opposition, worth multi bucks to one and all. Quelle surprise, but the training has been limited, as more important issues are tackled (sic!).
  • The leading Arab-owned football, Bnei Sachnin, has employed 5 coaches in 24 months, and wonders why nobody is tempted to take on the yet-again vacant position. The club is not bottom of the league, only because the one team below it has had points deducted.
  •  Many of my Israeli friends have rarely regarded the national Olympic Committee as one portraying patriotism and determination. It is seen as a group of “jobs for the boys”. You feel that those few successes have  been achieved despite the bureaucracy.

It has emerged that Yael Arad, a former medalist, is to stand for the position of Chairperson. She is being opposed by the vested interests of old. So, I suppose that if she were to lose, Israel’s Olympic standards will remain where they are. At least the “boys” will be happy.

  • The national swimming board is constantly refusing to pick Nimrod Shapira, one of the country’s realistic hopes for medals. Why? I don’t have the patience to follow the pathetic mismanagement of human relations. The Minister of Sport herself has been called in to sort out the children. Amazing!

Meanwhile, on the front page of the newspaper, I read how Prime Minister Netanyahu is concerned with trivial matters like peace negotiations and the safe future of the state. But if his cabinet cannot even supervise an Olympic committee or is prepared to interfere in the petty squabbles of swimmers, what chance……………..

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