More Israeli firms join Orange in failing customers

I dislike my mobile server, Orange. I recently wrote how their sales force botched a basic 101 course in customer care.

If that episode was not stupid enough, a few days ago Orange completely failed a “retake exam”. You see, I gave them a second chance and inquired about special deals, if you are located overseas.

I could not get a straight answer. They forgot to mention VAT or daily service charges, depending on the proposed deal. And when I asked who could help set up the phone as you go abroad, it turns out that the “help desk” ar the airport closes around 7.00pm, one of the busiest flight times of the day!

Let me be clear: For the moment, I am very unhappy with Orange. And for all their smily adverts and thousands of wonderful workers, nobody seems interested. Why should they care as the profit levels keep on shooting up?

This week, the Ministry of Communications has proposed allowing a fourth mobile supplier on to the market. The established teams have cried that there is no room. Surly, this was not out of self-interest!?!

Where the Israeli mobile industry leads, the specs sector is right behind. My wife wanted one pair of new glasses. This week, she went into several shops, mainly branches of large chains. We are talking about little bits of plastic, nicely cut, and coated with aluring colours.

Everything was exorbitantly priced. She could receive a 1+1 deal, but if she took one item only, it would be the same price as …2! She was offered multifocals, when she does not need them! She was offered……well everything she did not need, and was made to feel a fool for not accepting the chance to go into overdraft. Thankfully, she did not agree to any sales’ terms, and we got to eat a meal that night.

As she put it, all the assistants were simply shooting themselves in the foot, as her next stop is to consider laser surgery! She has an appointment on Thursday.

The internet and professional literature is awash with techniques on customer care. The Israeli retail sector is booming. Maybe the Israeli consumer should encourage a recession, and that way they will begin to be treated properly.

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