Boost in British trade with Israel

BT (British Telecom)’s division, Openreach has just completed an US$800 m deal with Israel’s ECI. The UK’s broadband unit will be overhauled, delivering a faster and improved service for tens of millions of users.

Israel remains one of the UK’s main trading partners – both imports and exports. Overall, the figures were down around 25% in 2009, probably due to the global credit crisis. However, the first 5 months of 2010 have seen a sharp rebound of nearly 40%.

The outgoing British ambassador to Israel, Sir Tom Phillips, drove improved trade relations as one of the main themes of his tenure. And there have been some notable successes. Recent  examples have included: –

  • Nice Systems, one of Israel’s premier risk software solutions, signed an extensive contract with the UK-based outsourcing company, Teleperformance.
  • Laline Candles will be investing in 30 new shops on the British mainland in the next 5 years.
  • Easy Jet’s new Tel Aviv route has been reporting 90% capacity
  • The Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure has hired a UK consultancy to resolve disputes with overseas contractors in the energy sector.

And so the list goes on. Just last week, the new website of the Israel Britain Chamber of Commerce went live. It has listed news items on a series of bilateral contracts. Gas, cleantech, mobiles and even catering are just some of the sectors featured.

Within the next few months, there will be a new ambassador in Tel Aviv. The Israeli trade attache in London will return to be replaced by a very experienced colleague. The Chamber of Commerce has just elected a new Chairman. Together, these people have a strong act to follow, but with an excellent base and support from which to proceed onwards.

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