Want to start a new business? Some case studies

Yesterday, I wrote that there is no genetic code or magic formula to setting up a successful new business.

We can mention the need for dedication, loads of unexpected luck, hard work and many more factors. With my clients, I always stress the importance of dedicated planning from the outset.

I also like to draw their attention to the stories of those who have made it through the early stages. So I was very pleased to come across a page on the BBC website, which is dedicated to the anecdotes of successful entrepreneurs.

There are 10 separate videos; men and women, various age brackets, services and high tech, slow and immediate triumphs. Each clip lasts up to 10 minutes.

All the participants open up to the camera, and there are summaries of their key pointers or advice: Some of my favourites are: –

  • ‘The right mental attitude’. (Yes, it ain’t always pretty or fair).
  • ‘The simpler your idea, the better’. (You do not have the resources for too much).
  • ‘Don’t wait – do it now’ (How many of us procrastinate?)
  • ‘Stay focussed on your idea – don’t get distracted’ (Or else it’s back to procrastination).
  • ‘Don’t embark on a start-up single-handedly’. (Even the best sports players have a coach).

There are some excellent individual moments of triumph in these stories. What they all seem to share is passion and commitment. And that should be a strong message for anybody just starting out.

Good luck!

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