OECD confirms Israel “green and clean”

Cleantech 2010 in Tel Aviv is Israel’s premiere platform, allowing the Holy Land to show off its technologies in this latest industrial revolution. The country may offer barely 400 companies in the field, but its capabilities are being copied by many others.

Better Place is driven by an Israeli – American CEO, Mr Shai Agassy, who intends that Israel will host the world’s first all-electric car network within the next 12 months. IDE operates 2 huge desalination plants in Israel and has been commissioned to expand an existing operation in China. Siemens has already invested hundreds of millions in Israeli solar technology, with a new agreement announced this week. Personally, I am involved in an exciting biomass project, successfully converting poisoned waste into energy.

I can mentioned algae farms. We can discuss wind technology, which redirects the direction of the air around the turbines. And there is much more out there on google.

But it goes further than that, much of it is unseen. Israel’s electricity company is completing a pilot project, involving 150 internet users. They have access to a 100 mega line, way faster and cheaper than anything currently available. Within approximately 30 months, it is expected that the whole country will have access to the same service.

And the OECD in its first report on Israeli agriculture has confirmed the important skills that the country possesses. The press release is none too encouraging, probably the sign of some childish internal politics. However, the content is extremely positive.

According to the report, ………, a string of reforms in (Israel’s agriculture) sector between 1990 and 2007 caused a 60% rise in output leading to an annual average growth rate of 2.2%, higher than any other industry and higher than in most OECD countries.

The report states that Israel enjoys advantages in season and expertise, which allow it to successfully export many of its crops to the European market, but that its primary source of agricultural export is in technology. According to the document, in 2007 agricultural technology exports amounted to $2.2 billion, eclipsing agro-food exports.

It is nearly a year ago since McKinsey confirmed Israel’s strong positioning in the cleantech sector. This month’s exhibition and news serves to consolidate and publicise these significant global advances.

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One Comment on “OECD confirms Israel “green and clean””

  1. Gary Bender Says:

    This year the OECD tourism conference is scheduled to be hosted by Jerusalem rather than Paris.

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