Boycotting Israel’s economy the slow way

I have just read a bizarre banner, beaming out political correctness: “Gaza seize isn’t sweet. Boycott Israeli chocs“.

This was all to do with a small protest in New York. It follows similar efforts led by activists, primarily in Europe. They claim that Israel is not interested in peace with the Palestinians, and therefore should be isolated. Sounds cool, until you examine the childish if not racist hypocrisy of the newspeak.

First, consider how these groups spread the word. Obviously, they use computer and mobile tech. Open up these machines of wonder, anywhere in the world, and you will find loads of Israeli tech inside. Yes, Intel’s current and next round of microchip was developed in Israel.

Try googling This Tel Aviv start up has just won Tech Crunch’s prestigious 2010 Disrupt competition. Soluto has designed a software to make computer’s work faster. How long will it take for a hate-Israel activists to latch on to that?

Israel’s tech pervades many aspects of life overseas without people being aware of it. Better Place is a prime exponent of battery cars, maing their way into Europe. The country has the top brains in solar and wind tech. The irony is that green politicians, often noted for their criticism of Israel, have consistently failed to reconcile their rhetoric with facts on the ground.

Palestinian President, Abbas, has claimed this week that he “will deal with the USA but not with Israel”. Bravo, a true practioner of the boycott policy.

And here’s the catch! I thought that making peace was all about getting together, finding a way to talk to each other. Rather than boycotting products, surely it would be preferble to arrange joint exhibitions and displays. I is time for Abbas to sit down with his Israeli conterparts. 

If the Palestinians and their supporters are so afraid of letting Israel’s pluralistic society be exposed to others, what are they afraid of? What hatred is their spin covering up?

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One Comment on “Boycotting Israel’s economy the slow way”

  1. Joy Wolfe Says:

    Anyone with open eyes and ears knows all too well that israel has given and continue to give so much to the world in technological and medical development and in so many other ways.
    Yet it is mpossible to get the demonisers and a large proportion of world media to see beyond the demonisation of the anti Israel machine, and such organisations as the ISM, Jews for Justice for the Palestinians (a joke if ever there was oen) and many anti Israel individuals, including, sadly, many Jews and Israelis , who continue to peddle a message of hate and incitement to violence. the so-called Freedom Flotilla is a prime example of this
    Joy Wolfe
    StandWithUs UK

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