The Brit, Pole and Israeli – lessons in ineffective leadership

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Jonathan Gabay. His company, Brand Forensics, has a strong track record in branding leading household names, and not just consumer products.

Branding is not just about positioning. It shows your potential why you are strong and why people will want to be associated with you. And thus, Jonathan’s work increasingly takes him in to the offices of politicians.

Jonathan wrote a poignant summary of the recent UK elections. As the campaign became focused on “politically correct hype”, three party leaders vied for the trust of the public. And all were found wanting. When each one could have pressed home an advantage, not one politician emerged personally triumphant. For all their advisers, financial backing and experience, what did they miss?

Now flip back to early April and the plane crash, which decimated Poland’s leadership. Writing in the Financial Times, Stefan Stern noted that plane crashes have occurred when “macho pilots could not or would not listen to advice, or ones where rigid hierarchy, deference and emotional chilliness led to vital messages not getting through”. Hmm!

In Israel, ineffective coalition governments continue to plague the population. In the past few months alone, the country’s so-called leaders have changed their minds frequently. For example, the site of a new hospital has New housing projects in East Jerusalem have stop-started during 2010. The Interior Minister has backtracked on refusing to let in to the country two young twins, whose parents do not have suitable documentation. etc etc.

8 Traits Of Ineffective Leadership is a wonderful article that summarises all these issues. The author, Mike Myatt, considers poor character, track record, communication skills, selfishness, lack of concern, follow through, and narrow mindedness. Together, what do you get?

The moral of this story is leaders need to be honest, have a demonstrated track record of success, be excellent communicators, place an emphasis on serving those they lead, be fluid in approach, have laser focus, and a bias toward action.…

In his book “Make a difference with your marketing”, Jonathan Gabay talks about marketing managers – be they in the political or corporate world – needing to act as business managers, whose talents will effectively control a portfolio of resources.  What talents? Link back to Myatt’s list. 

You have to wonder why world politicans continue to ignore some obvious lessons in leadership, and then wonder nobody wants to vote for them.

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