Who invests in Israel and why

Yesterday, I came across a fascinating and professional piece of writing: “10 Reasons to invest in Israel“.

The author detailed Israel’s strong trading performance, a banking sector only marginally exposed to the credit crunch, an economy that imports raw materials and then exports high value finished items, a solid stock market, and much more.

All very rosy. So who will this information appeal to?

This week, I attended a seminar in Tel Aviv, hosted by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS). The specific department. ISERD, is responsible for coordinating the efforts of Israeli companies, who are searching for European commercial partners.

In the past year alone, another 34 local companies have entered European consortiums. The net value of these ventures over three years is close to €300 million.

What does Israel have to offer? In 90% of the cases, the answer is the same – technology. Israel is a power house for developing new ideas. Lack of resources – manpower, finance, connections – means that Israelis find it difficult to implement and market. However. inventing en masse is what comes naturally to the country.

That is what outside strategic partners are often looking for in the Holy Land. And the previously mentioned report means that the economic background for investing is stable, thus reducing the level of potential risk involved.

In a separate section of the OCS is “Tnufa”. This team has established a relationship with nearly 20 multinationals, such as Renault, Oracle, GE and Microsoft. They are deliberately seeking new ideas, waiting to be commercialised.

That is no one-off fact. The government has just announced that it intends to continue with its policy of reducing taxes in 2011, including corporation tax.

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