Succeeding in business when you should have failed

You would have thought that a global credit crunch would have ensured that less people would want to start up a new business. In Australia, often associated with sun and sport, a strong work ethic, backed by an investment of  long hours, has led to a glut of new, successful enterprises. And an increasing number are run by women.

This theme of determination is often seen in founders of companies, which have prospered where “ordinarily” they should never have got off the ground. I have just read an article about Dorin Frankfurt. Now in her mid 50s, she left Israel 35 years ago to study clothing design in France. When she returned, nobody would employ her.

Here’s the deal. When faced with despair, DF decided to make her own clothes and sell them herself. (She excelled in female fashion wear). And you can bet that no venture capitalist sunk money into her initial operations. When months previously potential employers had snubbed her, the first shop began to flourish.

A decade into operations, the Israeli government ceased protecting the local textile industry and the market was saturated with imports from the Far East. DF carried on. Even today, when most Israeli companies have moved their sewing operations to Egypt, Jordan and China, she continues to supply her 25 shops from her Tel Aviv based factory,

The interview with DF reveals just how hard-headed she has been. For example, she was one of the first people in Israel to publicise charities, helping those suffering from AIDS. She chastises governments for not providing help to unemployed outside the hightech sector. A lady without obvious fears.

And maybe that’s the point. Be you an Australian in 2010, an Israeli in the 1970s, or even Henry Ford a 100 years ago, what seems to link all these people is a lack of panic when trying something new. That is what affords them the ability (and luxury) and go beyond established frontiers. That is often the origin of their success.

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