The true meaning of delivering a “quality package”

Speak to a sales person – in America or China, in hightec or spare parts – they all offer a “quality product”. Oh yes? Well, so did I, didn’t I? And then I was faced by a situation where I had to ask what that really meant.

The truth hurt. And now…..

This week, a elderly friend of the family passed away. His brother had died about 3 years ago. At that funeral, he was eulogized by one of his sons, who spoke about his father always delivering a quality service to his customers. I looked at the wonderful but grieving family, and I realised that this small statement had also extended to his home life, to his works of charity, and to many other spheres.

Surrounded by an open grave and many mourners, I found myself feeling contented momentarily. I too give my customers a good deal. Just like the deceased. Just like the man, who all admired. And then, “it” hit me. I was nowhere near his league.

I will not put on record what my faults were. But it ain’t fun asking yourself painful questions. Would I want to receive my own service? Can I honestly justify the payment structure? Have I truly listened to what the customer needs or is it more a case of shutting them up? And there were many more like that.

Some issues I got right. Some needed quick mega changes.

I will write that what I offer now to my customers are clear deliverables, which can be measured and tracked. if teh potential client does not make sense, I walk away. Sales have progressed positively since then.

As a word of personal comfort, I realised that I was not alone. No shortage of examples to quote. In Israel, the phone service, Bezeq, had a monopoly on most services. You grew up knowing that you had to accept what every you got. Today, competition on internet and other channels is rife. Bezeq advertises heavily, but you feel that they are still trying to erase a stigma established over a generation ago. I use them as litle as possible.

How about one of Israel’s medical funds, Clalit. They have just outsourced the supervision of all of their suppliers. And the result is that suppliers now have to pay the new company for joining the supply chain, as well as “invest” in the new computing system! Talk about a scam, which will eventually reflect back on the fund.

Or about Israel’s solitary toll road. They ask you to take out a subscription, which will save money. Great. Most of that saving is then lost as you pay for a package to be sent in the post. In a few years time, another road will be built, and then they will start to advertise like Bezeq today.

Alternatively, Bezeq, Clalit and others around the world can offer sincerity and quality. They can build up client bases that will not abandon them readily. Quality and reliability produce long-term and repeat customers.

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