How to start a new business – some basic clues

Yesterday, I was invited to talk to a group of prospective entrepreneurs in Jerusalem. Young or middle aged, currently employed or otherwise, they were looking to take their first steps to becoming independent business people.

My presentations covered several themes, and I will refer to three of them. First up, I pointed out that change and new beginnings are rarely easy. Citing some recent comments by Dr. Robert Brooks, I drew several knowing looks from the audience.

And the fact is that working out strategy, talking to accountants,legal complexities and more – is gibberish to some and can be daunting. So, as I stressed, one criteria towards a successful launch is maintaining a positive attitude. Believe in what you are trying to sell and become an inspiration to yourself.

Next, I considered vision. In fact I spent a couple of minutes examining the point. I have seen so many people become bogged down, because they had not thought through clearly and deliberately in advance what they wanted to achieve.

There is a world of difference between conceptualising: “I want to sell chocolates” and “I want to make quality chocolates for the hotel industry in the north of the country, which lacks…….” Sure, the process is dynamic. The north may become the south, but you are starting out with direction.

And that leads me  the final point; realism. New CEOs should start a series of milestones, based on achievable targets. Few businesses conquer the world overnight. Most need to build up in stages, which also goes on to serve as a strong platform for continuous, long-term growth.

And when you have reached those targets, don’t forget to congratulate yourself for each achievement. You will deserve it, because you be will on the way to creating a new and successful corporate identity.

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