Israeli watertech investment opportunities

Years ago, Israeli led the world in drip irrigation techniques. With a new decade, Israel is at the forefront of the new “watertech”.

Examples are plentiful. Start with desalination. Google the phrase and you will find that the world’s largest plant is in Israel with local tech. Israel has several companies involved with extracting water from the atmosphere in commercial quantities.

And as for leaky pipes, which are responsible for large quantities of lost water in the large cities, Israel’s Arad company has developed a unique drone-based solution.

It’s a water meter detector with a leak-detecting alarm inside the meter. Transmitting every 11 seconds, when the drone flies over the area, it can pick up leak alarms.

Arguably the greatest progress has been made in converting sea energy into electricity. General Electric and Hutchinson have both expressed interest in patents owned by Seanergy Inc in Haifa. In a related field, I have been in discussion with Solaris Synergy in Jerusalem, which has successful beta sites to extract heat from sea water.

And a new client is utilising a phenomenal tech, originally designed to convert the energy created by traveling wheels on roads into energy. In simple language, they have used the concept to create electricity from waves, but it eliminates the complicated and expensive need for large numbers of buoys. Investment for a beta site is the next stage.

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One Comment on “Israeli watertech investment opportunities”

  1. Fun Joel Says:

    Now all we need is greater application of the GreenTech solutions we develop here! We clearly need more desalinization, but it is energy intensive. Start investing in solar and wind energy in a real way, and we can power those plants, and more!

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