Airport security – new Israeli tech

The past month have seen 2 significant breeches of American defence security. A Nigerian was close to blowing  a plane bound for America. And in north Pakistan, a Jordanian triple agent killed several senior CIA personnel. 

Is there any new tech out there that could have prevented these disasters?

Many of my friends have been publicising the wonders of existing Israeli applications. After all, Israel has been fighting terrorism in all its forms for over 60 years, an experience which gives the country a “natural understanding” of what it takes to deal with these feats of inhumanity.

Paula Stern noted the call to bring Israel’s successful profiling techniques to other countries. Lisa Damst directed her readers to changes in procedures at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

I am currently involved with an Israeli company that has developed a capability to detect “intent” without touching or speaking to an individual. While sitting in a cafeteria, the founders posed a simple question: “Could 9/11 have been prevented by finding the terrorists before they had boarded the planes?” 

The company has since fused together the sciences of hardware, software and behavioural theory, and have produced a proven technology. It significantly reduces theemphasis on human profiling with its inherrent problems. And t has received an initial scientific evaluation from Western military sources, which declared the company way ahead of competitors.

There is little doubt that the Nigerian and Jordanians would not have reached their targets with such a platform in operation. And there are other uses outside the sphere of homeland security.

While still under a level of secrecy, the firm is now looking to a second round of investment. In parallel, it is detailed talks to secure beta sites on 2 continents. This will definitely be a major breakthrough towards protecting air travellers in years to come.

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  2. Adam Says:

    Hi there, please can you forward investment details, is there a prospectous I can see?

    Many thanks,

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