Christmas 2009 in the Holy Land

This coming week, the Jerusalem Municipality will distribute free Christmas trees to the Christian residents of Jerusalem. A lovely gesture and not a solitary one from Israeli officialdom.

Yesterday, the Tourism Minister, Stas Misezhnikov hosted a special reception for Christian leaders of several denominations. This came two days after the Hebrew University in Jerusalem announced that its team had analysed the DNA of a man from the time of Jesus. The skelton was found in a tomb near Jerusalem’s Old City and presented clear evidence that leprosy existed at that period.

As Christmas approaches, the international media almost inevitably sends teams to the Holy Land. They usually ignore such stories. They will bypass the continuing harassment of Christians in the West Bank and in Gaza

Instead, Christmas is exploited as a further opportunity to demonize Israel. It is sad and ironic. Israel, the one democracy in the Middle East and the one country in the region where the Christian community is actually growing, suffers from this distortion of truth, and at such a spiritual moment in the calendar.

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4 Comments on “Christmas 2009 in the Holy Land”

  1. Cinamonapple Says:

    Great idea. Israel love every one . There’s space and place for every one in this little beautiful country. God is every where and in every one. God bless all the believers and the non too. We are his sun’s. The media is bias for sure , but not all. Take fox for example…the never shine from exposing or being engaged in controversy and face it bravely. no hypocrisy cat all. Compare to others, i almost stop zapping .
    Thank’s for informing us and shearing.

    Happy holiday to all mankind.

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