Treating swine flu in the Gaza Strip

European politicians have spent the past month arguing that Israel does not do enough for peace.

I have maintained that if you look at efforts on the ground, the above hypothesis remains simply that, a theory; the efforts of real life are very different and truly encouraging.

So here is an example of what I mean. What follows is a statement released today from Israel’s Ministryof Defense.  

Press Release:  Outbreak of Swine Flu in the Gaza Strip

 Israel has already transferred 10,000 doses of vaccine and continues to monitor the situation

 In light of recent cases of swine flu in the Gaza Strip, the Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and the Gaza District Coordination and Liaison Office (DCL) are working with the Palestinian Civil Committee in Gaza (associated with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority) to prevent further cases.

During the course of day, the passage of a sick person was facilitated and, upon examination, the individual’s illness was found to be swine flu.  Similarly, four other ill persons who also showed signs of swine flu also crossed.

The Gaza DCL is in continuous contact with health officials from the Palestinian Civil Committee in Gaza and as such is able to create up-to-date situation assessments regarding swine flu.  Meetings are held with high frequency and in accordance with reports from Gaza.

 As of now, approximately 10,000 doses of vaccine against swine flu have been transferred to the Gaza Strip via Israel, which remains ready to receive further requests.

 Since the beginning of 2009, approximately 8,000 Gazan patients and their loved ones have entered Israel for medical reasons.

Gaza DCL Commander Col. Moshe Levi said: “The Gaza DCL is making great efforts on all levels and through all channels to assist the non-combatant Palestinian population from the Gaza Strip, with an emphasis on the field of health.  This is part of our overall humanitarian effort vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip.”

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