“Healthy” management of a small business

Yesterday, I went to pitch to a CEO of a 6-person company. He is the founder. He has guided it through opening years. It is his vision that has taken the firm through the successes.

And now he is stuck. He initially approached me about sales. And as the conversation developed, it became apparent that he would not accept my proposals or alternatives, because he would have to spend time working on them.

Meanwhile, he admits that the company needs a substantial injection of resources in order to proceed. And despite the emphasis on sales, the sales cycle is long and complex, and he has to be involved in most aspects. Another reason, he cannot afford the time of my services.

So the circle is complete. Worse, possibly. During the conversation, the mobile went off several times demanding his attention.

The CEO, a man of many talents and with strong analytical skills, was seemingly being rushed to every corner of his life  every hour of the day, as his business was stuck in the wrong commercial track.

It is clearly risky to judge a situation on the basis of a few discussions. However, it is a scenario which I see repeatedly amongst many of the smaller companies I meet. What do you do when time runs out?

Or to rephrase the question, how often do I hear: “How come time keeps disappearing when I am so good at planning?”

Running a small business is not a simple disciplin. There are many tricks. Some of them were recently summed up in 10 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100.

What may astound many people is that the basis to good management and to clear thinking often lies far from the area of your tidy desk, the comfy chair and your new laptop. It starts with you, how you “wear yourself” and how you balance your homelife; consitently good sleep, a truly balanced diet, exercise, rest, etc.

It was no irony that my local rabbi pointed me in the direction of the article…… even though it advocated the works of Seventh Day Adventists. the problem is that I am not sure if these CEOs have the time to read these 10 points.


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One Comment on ““Healthy” management of a small business”

  1. Yup, people forgot how to take a break, stop, and look around

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