Being motivated in that final hour

We all know the feeling. That last hour of work is often the worst. How to stay motivated and get rid of a few last chores, when you know that in 60 minutes or less you are out of there?

Many of us are familiar with the final and extended toilet break “tactic”, which helps to knock off some extra seconds. But it does not feed in to increased benefit or sense of achievement.

Some here are 4 simple tips that I recently picked up from a health magazine.

  1. Simply sit up. Poor posture can limit the supply of oxygen to the brain, and thus plays on the increased feeling of lethargy.
  2. Prepare yourself a strong, solid drink of herbal tea – not coffee. Try Ginseng, which contains chemicals that release energy reserves. Or Ginger is known as a fast acting mental stimulant.
  3. As a treat, help yourself to a strong-smelling peppermint. A Cornell University study shows that the scent can improve short-term concentration by up to 15%.
  4. And finally, get yourself some extra daylight. Stand by a window. Even better, go for a two minute walkabout outside.

Simple words. Your output should improve, and you will leave work happier.

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