Small businesses in Israel (2)

Previously, I wrote about how the small business sector in any country is surprisingly large, yet receives precious little support from central government.

The sad truth is that most new businesses fail within the first 12 months of operation. Reasons can vary; poor management, lack of resources, fuzzy vision and more.

In the opposite corner, much can be done to ensure that a new enterprise will succeed. Yes, checklists can be readily provided, but many of the points can be wrapped up in a key phrase. President Obama popularised the saying “Yes we can”, but he was only stealing other more well-known ideas.

Here’s what I mean. Shrinks, life trainers and others all tell us to seize an opportunity. How often do we hear that when a door slams shut, we have to find the other one that has just opened. Management guru, Luke Johnson, recently observed that “optimism is the elixir that makes everything possible.”

It is often this dynamism and motivation which drives new enterprises forward. When that is mixed in with good business culture – as well as a bit of luck and prayer – that results can be explosively positive.

The are plenty of examples of what I am describing. I am one of the moderators of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum, where many members tell of the struggles to find the determination to move past the first dodgy months.   

In the next posting, I will examine what is required to mix in with that high motivation level.

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