Mum’s motivation at the workplace

“Hating what you do” is how The Economist magazine titles its latest managerial insight.  

Many companies today are run by cloudy demands from above to improve individual performances. The article noted that a major source of misery “is the drive to improve productivity, which is typically accompanied by an obsession with measuring performance.” And despite giving your all, you are still expected to be loyal and give even more.

For what?

“Mumpreneurs” is a new catch phrase, often referring to young mothers, who cannot – usually, do not – want to return to their place of work after giving birth. Google the phrase and you will find a facebook group, professional coaches in the subject and a growing professional literature.

According to many experts, entrepreneurial women seek flexibility. I would add to that statement and argue that is precisely what many desire, regardless of their gender.

This weekend, I was reading my wife’s copy of the Australian Women’s Weekly. I suppose that it is just my limited chauvinism why I cannot understand why the word “weekly” appears in the title of a monthly journal.

But I digress. The magazine featured 3 innovative mothers, who have successfully created new businesses out of their own creativity and desire for a change. They balance the challenges of the home with the opportunities presented by their enterprises.

Presenting educational shows for kids, selling maternity clothes in rural areas, novelty presents – these are the new businesses that are featured. The approach in each case was different. What links the stories is the high level of motivation and the strong managerial skills of those involved.

Meanwhile, back in the corporate world, sophisticated boffins around the world are paying consultants loads of cash to teach them what these ladies worked out for themselves with pukey infants on their laps.

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