More dead Palestinians ignored by Goldstone

The Goldstone commission, under UN direction, looked at human rights abuses against Palestinians.

The final report has come in for much criticism from Israel. And yet, with some irony, it is the Palestinian Authority, which has interrupted the progress of the document on the way to the UN’s General Assembly. The reasons for this change of direction vary – ranging from American pressure to a desire to return to the peace process.

The Palestinian Commission for Human Rights suggests an alternative cause for policy alteration. Its latest report, referring to August 2009, makes for damning reading, a mess of violations of human rights, where Israel has had no direct or indirect role.

ICHRdocumented 48 cases of death in the Palestinian-controlled Territory during August 2009. 41 of which took place in the Gaza Strip. In terms of cause of death, these cases are distributed as follows: 28 deaths were attributed to armed clashes in Rafah city, while 3 deaths were linked to violent family disputes and rivalry. In addition, 3 lives were lost due to security chaos and manslaughter while 7 death cases resulted of tunnels accidents.






As for the West Bank,


7 death cases occurred, the causes of which are distributed as follows: one death case occurred in a detention center in Nablus; 5 deaths were linked to family disputes and one death case occurred as a result of negligence and the non-adoption of general safety precautions. death case occurred in a detention center in Nablus;5 deaths were linked to family disputes and one precautions.

The report details names, places, dates, hard facts. It cites the customary harassment of the press, sexual harrassment and the lack of basic religious freedoms.

For all Israel’s criticisms of the Goldstone Report, it strikes me that the commission has failed those people it was trying to help. The report failed to point out and stress these repeated yet hidden deprivations in the life of ordinary Palestinians. If not the UN, who will halt this continuous saga of shame?

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2 Comments on “More dead Palestinians ignored by Goldstone”

  1. Excellent review of why the Goldstone report failed to deliver useful information. But then again, as others have said, one can easily see that the Goldstone mission was destined from its start merely to confirm their predetermined conclusions rather than actually investigate and learn.

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