Driven mad in Israel

There is a well-known phrase round this part of the world: “Only in Israel”. What happened this morning left me so speechless that I am compelled to share it with my readers.

This has nothing to do with finance or the economy or management, my usual themes. This is all about pure Israeli arrogance.

I was slowing down, approaching a traffic light at a busy intersection. I then became aware that on my outside was a car, which had stopped on the pavement separating the contra flows of traffic. When I write stopped, I actually mean that the driver was waiting for a lull in traffic in order to cross over and change directions.

The situation looked dangerous. So rather than stand on principals, I let the driver through. And as the car lurched forward in front of me and jumped awkwardly into the middle lane, what did I see written in large letters on the side? “TRAFFIC POLICE”.

What? This arrogant driver was actually driving a police car. Worse, as I realised why he was driving clumsily. Our moronic hero was using one hand to clutch his mobile phone to his ear!

Surely, there could be no more crimes? Wrong again. Mr Moron then forced his way back into my lane, nearly causing another accident.

Why had I not reached for my mobile camera to film this ten seconds of crazed stupidity? Did I mention that we are talking about a new white Fiat Punto, registration 10 975 65?

Two minutes later, after some further severe lane swapping, Mr Moron pulled over to the side of the road and joined some other members of the esteemed police community.

Continuing my journey in some shock, I was provided with the punchline for this piece. …….My car radio dutifully repeated for the umpteenth time this month yet another announcement, imploring Israelis to drive with greater care and caution. You don’t say!?!?!?!?!?

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