Look closely at what Israel does – Palestinians

As Jews to prepare to celebrate their New Year and Muslims conclude the fasting period of Ramadan, I have prepared a series of article on what you may not know about Israel.

The first text questions if Israel is really interested in helping the Palestinian economy.

Early next week, the ad-hoc liaison committee monitoring international aid to the Palestinians will meet in New York. Israel prepared a submission, heavily reliant on stats supplied from the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics.

Some the highlights of the report reveal that:-

  1. Since 2008, foreign investment in the West Bank has risen by 600%. (You have to ask why the same is not true for Gaza.)
  2. The IMF estimates that GDP in 2009 will climb by 7%. To Matching this, unemployment dropped from 20% to 16% in 2Q09.
  3. Direct and indirect trade between the two territories continues to climb. In fact dozens more roadblocks were removed this week.
  4. The number of work permits and the accredited business cards issued for Palestinians in Israel is rising almost daily.
  5. Cooperation over tourism, VAT collection, fiscal issues and other commercial matters have been launched from Jerusalem in the past year.
  6. Despite the Hamas authoritarian rule in Gaza, humanitarian supplies are continuing almost daily and at a growing rate. This includes nearly 3,500 tons of medical equipment delivered in the first 6 months of 2009.
  7. In June 2009 alone, 1,700 residents of Gaza received medical treatment in Israel. Under the Oslo Accords, Hamas is responsible for health policy and its implementation.

As I was writing this, news came through from the United Kingdom that the Trades Union movement has voted to boycott some Israeli goods, following Israel’s policy towards Gaza. Ironic? Or a reminder of a sinister past based on ignorance?

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