Leadership qualities…what to look for

It is one of those never-ending questions. How can you discover if a person has leadership qualities?

One method is to take a role model, who you know and respect. Analyse what makes that person operate successfully, and then search for those qualities in your candidates.

To take a practical example: Most of us moan about our weak politicians. Whether you live in the UK, Israel, USA or wherever, the complaint is often the same.

I recently read a review of the late Senator Kennedy. The author asked why this man was seen as a great statesmen and legislature. How was he able to convince and to persuade people?

Whatever his failings, Kennedy was known for 4 attributes.

  • Stand on principle.
  • Be responsive and responsible.
  • Share the credit.
  • Be a friend

Taking these traits and slotting them into an Israeli model, it is not difficult to see why more and more surveys reflect increasing disillusionment with our politicians. Yes, if you avoid obvious sarcasm, I will assume that most of them have strong principles.

But that is about as good as it gets.

Israeli politicians are known for being reluctant to share their successes. Sadly, showing off is so much part of the national characteristic that you feel that it should be offered as a graduation exam in schools.

This problem is compounded by the fact that Israel does not have a constituency system. Therefore, politicians tend to exaggerate their prowess and their importance to inner-party groups. The result is that they do not have to demonstrate responsibility to the needs of local voters.

As for being a friend, well it is known that most Israeli politicians will call on you….providing you are a member of a party committee and have a vote. last month, I rang the office of my local mayor with a complaint. After I had told the secretary that I was unlikely to vote for him next time, I received his return call within 30 minutes.

Actually, I did not vote for him last time either. The reason? With hindsight, I guess I had realised that he lacks what Teddy K had to offer.

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