Managing patents and ideas in Israel

Israel has been bubbling with ideas for over three decades. 

Israeli hightech can be found in computers, mobile phones, operating rooms and wherever else around the world. The country leads in developing solar and water technologies. Israel’s defence related exports easily place the country among the Big Seven global manufacturers.

Managing all this brain power has led to the creation of a whole new industry. What do I mean?

First, let me introduce you to QMarkets, a new Tel Aviv-based software outfit. I have been associated with them for some time now. They have developed a fast and efficient company-wide platform to convert new ideas into practical applications.

Interestingly enough, one of QMarkets first customers is an international concern of business analysts, concerned with economic modelling. The software enables the client to generate new revenues.

A second expression of the knowledge boom is to be found in the patent industry. Based on 2008 stats, Israel ranked third in the world for the number of registered patents per capita.

This week, I was asked to attend a seminar, hosted by one of Israel’s leading patent attorney’s outfit, JMB, Fa©tor & Co. Their leading team gave an impressive survey of the demands of the industry, particularly with regard to the country’s enormous biotech sector.

Consider for a moment why Siemens, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and other mega multinationals all have large r&d centres in Israel. That is an idea for overseas investors to follow up.

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