Jerusalem for all, except …..

This summer, Jerusalem has come alive.

The city is losing its tag of just being a place for pilgrims and is rapidly revealing its true diversity. The municipality has organised an amazing array of street festivals, making a significant and positive difference for locals and tourists.

I have commented on a vist to open-air Shakesperean theatre in Hebrew. This week’s postings in newspapers include wine-tasting sessions, sing-a-longs, a moving play through old neighbourhoods, local markets, arts-and-craft fairs. Need I go on?

No wonder that GAP, the international clothing chain has chosen Jerusalem for its new flagship shop. Two weeks ago, permission was announcd for five new 5-star hotels in the area.

This historic and beautiful city, the centre of three religions, has never been so open to all.

Until along came the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Mr Amr Moussa. According to an Israeli media outlet, The Arab League reacted with fury to reports that a small group of Jews had prayed on the Temple Mount on Sunday. The Secretary-General termed the spontaneous prayer gathering “a violation of international law.”

So, let’s get his right. Jerusalem, under Israeli law, which in turn is gbased heavily on British jurisprudence, encourages a pluralistic society in the Holy City. The one part of the capital not controlled by Israeli authorities, which happens to be the most important site in the world to Jews, is forbidden to Jews?

In early June, President Obama launched his peace process in Cairo, Egypt, Moussa’s home country. He called on Arab countries to finally understand that Israel has a right to exist.

You have to wonder if Obama really understands what he is dealing with. When will Israel’s enemies bury their hatred and thus rise to see the beauty of who they are rejecting? It is the wonders of Jerusalem that encaptures that joy.

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One Comment on “Jerusalem for all, except …..”

  1. David Says:

    The irony of the situation borders on the absurd. While whingeing about breaches in “international law” of a group of people praying, the Arab League and Palestinian leaders deny one of the most basic of human rights – freedom of worship aqnd practice racism in one of its basest forms. And the world smiles begnignly and nods their collective heads.

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