Israeli biotech firms ignore recession

Down the road from me in Jerusalem, a 10-storey high research complex is nearing completion. Its structure may be out of place n the landscape, but the capital’s new biotech research facility will fit in well to its surroundings.

Jerusalem’s Hebrew University has a strong science tradition, dating back nearly 100 years. The city and its satellite towns have attracted a high ratio of academics in recent decades, particularly from Russia, USA and Britain. And the government grants Jerusalem start ups Grade A status in terms of public sector financial support.

What goes in Jerusalem can also be found in other parts of the country. D-Pharm in Rehovot has just raised around US$23 million in a rights and shares offering. Protalix is finishing Phase III trials, edging towards a billion dollar plus market.

If that is not exciting enough, the Office of the Chief Scientist has launched a tender for a National Biotech Fund, projecting to add hundreds of millions of extra investment to the industry.

No downturn here.

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2 Comments on “Israeli biotech firms ignore recession”

  1. I am very excited to hear about the tender launched by the OCS. Biotech research is carrying the torch of energy conservation. I hope other governments follow suit.

  2. Michael Horesh Says:

    glad to receive your comment – and this is no one off show. See the rsults of Biondvax’s vaccine against swine flu –

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