Water and droughts – Israeli leadership is flooded out

FACT: Israel is one of the world’s leading countries in developing new agricultural techniques.

FACT: Israel has developed a string of technologies for purifying water without chemical treatment.

FACT: Israel suffers from a drought, cutting deep into its own farming output.

Last week, I visited “Agritech”, Israel’s annual show, displaying its latest techniques in the agricultural field – pun intended. Clearly visible were the strong delegations from India, Honduras, Chile, Australia, Brazil and elsewhere. The event is a quality circus on the exhibition calender.

It would take too long to survey all that was on view. I stopped off at Aquatal, delivering sweet drinking water from the liquids in the atmosphere. A research team, led by the Volcani Centre,  presented a thermal imaging solution for mapping the water status of crops.

And it is in water technology where the world has chosen to follow Israel. It leads in drip irrigation, water recycling, and desalination techniques. There are signed agreements with the Beijing, Melbourne and Madrid Water Authorities.

I am curently associated with a company that has perfected an efficient green solution for purifying liquids – both for local authorities and industry (food, chemical and other sectors).

So the question is: Why does Israel have a drought? Why does it lack enough water to “feed” the River Jordan and the general populace? For all these wonderful capabilities, why has the country not overcome the low rainfall levels?

And the answer: Well, I find that Israeli politicians love to talk. They jabber on about the economy, the Palestinians, and football, even when they have no real idea what they are talking about.  Turn to the environment, they are also invariably ignorant, but here they need to make real decisions which make effect interest groups. So why bother?

 It is only the future that will suffer, and thus no need to trouble the voters of the present. Politicians and civil servants drowning in their own selfishness, as the land cracks open around them.

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One Comment on “Water and droughts – Israeli leadership is flooded out”

  1. Michael Horesh Says:

    According to Israel’s Export Institute, which is responsible for marketing Agritec overseas, about 65 delegations from around 35 countries were expected to attend. Furthermore, over 20 Ministers of Agriculture were expected to participate, including: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil Colombia, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Georgia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

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