Financing the Palestinian economy

It is an accepted fact that whether due to conflict or a corrupt leadership, Palestinians are dependent on aid.

I have long argued that while the money is needed, it is handed out in a manner that wavers between meaningless to dangerous. For proof, just consider how Chairman Arafat died as one of the richest men in the world.

In contrast, I have recently witnessed some encouraging news for the Palestinians. 

First, this week, I was invited to join a tour around Israel with an NGO, whose charity is active in the Palestinian territories. One of the first stops was in Ramallah, where the The Portland Trust is building cheap housing and helping to develop pension schemes. These are on-site projects,which will make a long-term difference to society, beyond the reach of waring factions.

And I am to attend the Jerusalem STEP Conference, directed at promoting economic opportunities in the Palestinian Areas. The PM designate, Netanyahu, will give the opening address.

It is these types of initiatives, which the world needs to focus on. It is time to move away from terms like “occupation” and “terror”. If the peace makers would start to concentrate on the very people affected by the conflict – on both sides – maybe there will be some genuine hope for all.

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