Why Israel has to fight (1) – pluralism

If Israel has to fight a war,it must be doing so for two reasons – to protect its citizens and to ensure that the real military threat of Hamas does not resurface in the future.

Israel was established as a pluralistic society. For all the social and military constraints of its past and present, Israel is a vibrant centre for at least 4 global religions (and their internal frictions). It has 3 offical national languages. Non-Jews enter politics through their own party or with others. And thus Israel has built a firm basis for internal fusion.

That is a unique set of circumstances in the Middle East, a democracy worthy of protection. In fact, even as Israel fights its war with Hamas, on the ground, there are numerous coexistence projects moving forward – genuinely working towards a stronger society for all. Here are some brief examples: –

Just recently, under the auspices of the US-Israel Binational Science, 20 researchers, Israeli-Jew, Israeli non-Jew, and Palestinians met in Haifa to discuss potential routes of academic cooperation.

 I-Rox is a software company, operated by ultra-orthodox Jewish women. It is currently developing a medical administration programme for the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. One off? No – look at g.ho.st, co-owned by an Israeli and Palestinian partnership. As my good friend Lisa Damast has recorded, this shows how two politically diverse groups can successfully cooperate and coexist.

Personnel of the national ambulance brigade, Magen David Adom, come from  all sectors of society. My daughter volunteers once a week, works with Muslims and enters their villages. And this last month was typical of that scenario.

These anecdotes, commercial or otherwise,  are just a few of the large pile of detail that I come across every month. One of the main reasons for their existence is the basic wish of Israel to live with all.

It is that desire and opportunity that Hamas opposes. Through its charter, its hatred and its weapons, Hamas seeks to crush this progress and success.

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2 Comments on “Why Israel has to fight (1) – pluralism”

  1. Michael Horesh Says:

    I have just received this information from Sheila Raviv, and I quote:
    Our friend Dr Michael Dor, Deputy Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Heath, told us that he personally approved that 120 children be brought through from Gaza for treatment in Israel but the Hamas allowed only 3. Why? Clearly it would deny their claim that we are killing their children.
    I sat at my computer screen yesterday watching in amazement as truck after 16 wheeler double truck passed through the Kerem Shalom checkpoint each overloaded with aid for the people of Gaza. Kerem Shalom, a kibbutz established on Israeli land on the border with Gaza in 1966 by those who thought that we could live together in peace. Kerem Shalom – means vineyard of peace. Today there is no vineyard and no peace. The Ministry of Defence CCTV camera captured each truck as it crossed from Israel and returned later empty.

  2. boudicabpi Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Very good we can expand on the good that Israel is doing as th UN and world opinion will not. I am going to ammend my post on Some Good News That We Never See.
    Bob A.

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