Coping with war – the Israeli model

Hamas’s war with Israel directly impinges on the lives of 0.5m civilians. Add in battalions of regular soldiers and reservists, stationed in the region. And more are being rushed to secure the north, against a possible reprisal attack from Hizbollah in Lebanon. Maybe 15% of the population has been sucked in to the horrific scenario.

In Gaza, the makeshift Hamas society, based on smuggling and repression, is imploding under the weight of Israel’s attacks. Many basic services are not functioning with the leadership suspected of hiding in mosques and hospitals.

Israel offers a different approach, where as far as possible life goes on normally.

What do I mean? Take a large food distribution company, which I visited on Thursday. Located near the port of Ashdod, where many rockets have landed this week, its 550 workers are continuing to clock in. The company is also making a special effort to distribute special parcels to families directly in the line of fire. And that is no one-off story.

In Tel Aviv, the stock market has ticked along, actually rising 5% this week despite the hostilities. I have heard of at least one finance house organising deliveries for citizens living under the Kassams sent from Gaza.

Ashkelon’s Sapir Institute for Higher Learning has been forced to close its classrooms. Some of the students have put together an ad-hoc local radio station, broadcasting mesages of support to affected communities.

It is self-help. It is mutual respect.  A Druse soldier was killed by a rocket and many went to the funeral. The city of Jerusalem has organised for whole families from the south to be hosted locally for a few days. And so the list goes on.

Hamas has deliberately refused any partnership with Israel’s way of life. Israel’s society is now 60 years old. It has emerged out of the depths of struggle and human despair, yet evolved, for all its faults, in to a showcase of pluralism.

The war against Hamas is not just aimed at protecting Israel’s special jewel. The conduct of the home front during the war helps to show off its success.

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