Christians in the Holy Land

It is the second day of the Feast of Tabernacles – Succot as it is known in Israel. My 17 year old son has spent the day on steward duty, supervising the annual Jerusalem March. Despite the first rains, around 35,000 people converged on Jerusalem from 3 starting points and then paraded through the centre of the capital.

In many ways the event is a fusion of the new order meeting the old. People in the 21st century of the modern era are reaclling the foot fetivals of the past.

As ever, one of the largest groups was organised by the International Christian Embassy. This special team of people are responsible for bringing thousands of visitors to Israel each year, travelling the length and breadth of the country.

And it would wrong of me not to mention that one of my most favourite professional projects was built through one of the strongest local supporters of the embassy.

Israel is known as the one country in the region, whose Christian population has grown in the past few decades. It is sadly ironic that as thousands of overseas guests walked safely through the streets of Jerusalem, parallel news from neighbouring countries has been far less encouraging.

As nightfall descends on the Holy Land, its citizens from all religions have a lot to be proud about thankful for.

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One Comment on “Christians in the Holy Land”

  1. Michael Horesh Says:

    2 days since writing this, I was drawn to this item in The Times about problems in India –
    Sky news also featured the story.

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